Purchase Agreement

Payment Mistakes

Clickbank.com/PayPal.com is the company that receives payments for us.  If you make/made a mistake or would like help, please submit a ticket at http://pennyauctionbot.com/support/.

When you purchase Penny Auction Bot from us, you imply that you have read, understood, and agree with the requirements outlined in this document.

Our Consolation Code

By clicking on ‘Order Now’ at PennyAuctionBot.com, you are taken to Clickbank’s/PayPal’s authorization page.  When you buy Penny Auction Bot, you are accepting Clickbank’s/PayPal’s policy that you may have consolation for Penny Auction Bot up to 30 days after your initial purchase to request your money back.
Please note that it takes us 48 hours to process your refund request, so you must actually request a refund within 28 days in order to qualify for the money back guarantee. Also note that you are entitled to a refund only once, so if you decide to purchase the software again at a later time, you will not be entitled to a refund even if your purchase falls within the 30 day money back guarantee period.

If you do not ask for your money back from http://clickbank.com/orderDetail.htm/ (or our support page in case of PayPal) in less than the 30 day time limit, or if you have already received a refund from us in the past, you imply that you will accept Penny Auction Bot no matter how it serves you once the 30 day time period has passed.

Remember that requesting a refund will also invalidate your license and that attempting to continue use of the software will result to a violation of intellectual property rights.

VAT and Taxes

On the first of July, 2003, Internet retailers of merchandise, including electronic merchandise, are forced to save a tax (VAT) number from you if your billing address is in the European Union (EU).  Clickbank/PayPal is the one who is responsible for transferring relevant sales tax(es) as Clickbank/PayPal re-sells their merchandise to clients.  Applicable taxes will be in addition to the original purchase price of Penny Auction Bot and will appear on the payment page.  Problems or issues with this should be directed to Clickbank/PayPal, not us.

Software Speed and Reliability

How well Penny Auction Bot works for you is greatly dependent on the websites that you use it with; and these websites are not operated by us.  Changes made to these websites can cause Penny Auction Bot to become incompatible with them.  While we will release an update as soon as possible when this occurs, by purchasing and using Penny Auction Bot, you accept that performance can sometimes be not as much as you would expect.

Legal Notice and License Agreement

You also agree to our software license agreement and our terms and conditions.

Clickbank’s Third Parties

PennyAuctionBot.com has an associate program that is completely controlled by an affiliate service at Clickbank.com.  Associates are Clickbank associates and are thus adhered to the Clickbank legal agreements.  We do not control what our affiliates do or who they are, and it violates Clickbank’s Client Contract if an affiliate presents extraordinary benefits or cash equivalents.  We are not accountable for errors done by a Clickbank affiliate.  Fraud or other problems should be directed to the Clickbank help desk.  If you ask for your money back, then our system will deactivate Penny Auction Bot slightly before your money is returned.