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What is Penny Auction Bot?

Penny Auction Bot is a software application that helps you save time, money, and effort by automating your bidding at many different penny auction websites. It offers complete customization over the auction process by providing you with tools and settings that not only allow you to enter your own bidding rules, but also let you specify your own bidding strategy.

Not only this, but Penny Auction Bot also gives you the ability to track/monitor any auction at any of the supported websites, thus giving you a very unfair advantage over all the other bidders participating in the auction by giving you access to data such as the current number of bids placed, currently active bidders, auction competition analysis, bids placed by each bidder, etc. that is not visible to other users who do not have the software installed on their computer.

For a complete list of features, check out our Features page.

How will Penny Auction Bot help me?

Penny Auction Bot is a very advanced penny auction bidding software that can help you in the following ways:

  • Penny Auction Bot can automate your bidding process and save you hours and hours of time and effort which you would otherwise spend sitting in front of your computer and bidding manually in the auctions.
  • Penny Auction Bot can help you track any auction at any of the supported penny auction websites. By doing this, you get an unfair advantage over all the other bidders in the auction by getting access to important data such as: currently active users in the auction, total users in the auction, auction competition analysis, total bids placed by each user, bidding time of each bid (website timer value), real world bidding time of each bid, etc.
  • Unlike humans, Penny Auction Bot is very consistent and will never miss a bid. In other words, it will always place your bid at the desired constant or random bidding time that you specify in the user interface of the software.
  • Penny Auction Bot saves you a lot of bids by replacing the onboard bidding assistant tool on different penny auction websites, which does not let you specify your own bidding strategy.
  • Penny Auction Bot can save you even more money by letting you specify blacklists in order to avoid bidding against friends/power bidders on the websites.
  • Penny Auction Bot lets you specify some really advanced bidding rules that are just impossible to keep in mind when taking part in auctions manually. For example, Penny Auction Bot analyzes the competition and keeps track of the number of active bidders throughout the auction process, and lets you specify the maximum number of active users you wish to bid against at any particular time in an auction.
  • Penny Auction Bot can help you track and bid in multiple auctions at the same time, even if these auctions are taking place on different websites. This is just not possible if you are to bid manually in these auctions.
  • Penny Auction Bot automatically calculates your internet latency (or the time it takes for your bid to register on the penny auction website’s server) and takes that time into account while placing your bids, thus making sure that it never misses a bid due to internet connectivity problems on your computer.
  • Penny Auction Bot can participate in night auctions for you so that you can sleep peacefully while still participating in the auction.
  • Penny Auction Bot can send you email notifications to keep you updated on the activity in the auction.
  • Penny Auction Bot comes with a Winning Strategy Guide that offers various tips, strategies and methods to boost your success on different penny auction websites.

For more features, check out our Features page.

What are the system requirements for running Penny Auction Bot?

Here’s what it takes to run Penny Auction Bot on your computer:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • RAM: 2 GB or more
  • Hard Disc Space: 500 MB or more
  • Other Requirements:

If you wish to install Penny Auction Bot on a Mac or Linux system, you will need to install a Windows Virtual Machine on your computer. For instructions on how to do this, click here.

Will I need any technical knowledge to use Penny Auction Bot?

Absolutely not!

To start using Penny Auction Bot, you do NOT need any technical knowledge whatsoever. In fact, the software interface is so user friendly that even a 10 year old kid can start using it in under 2 minutes.

How is Penny Auction Bot better than other penny auction sniping tools?

Penny Auction Bot is better than any other penny auction bidding tool out there. Here are a few reasons that differentiate us from other companies:

  • Unlike other penny auction bidding tools that can get your account banned on your favorite penny auction website, Penny Auction Bot is completely undetectable and simulates the behavior of a real human being. It does this by using a real web browser and using real mouse click simulations to place your bids for you while making the entire process as transparent as it could be.
  • Penny Auction Bot comes with many more features as compared to other tools. Not only this, but some of the features in PAB are very advanced and simply blow our competition away.
  • Penny Auction Bot supports many more websites than any other penny auction bidding software, and it does this without having any effect on the software’s performance.
  • Unlike other tools, Penny Auction Bot comes with a 30 day risk-free no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with the software in any way, simply request a refund within 30 days of your purchase, and you’ll get your money back.
  • Penny Auction Bot comes with a free Winning Strategy guide that will teach you all you need to know to get started and increase your chances of winning in penny auctions.
  • Penny Auction Bot comes with top-of-the-line customer support, and our staff representative work day and night to answer all your queries in a timely manner.
Does Penny Auction Bot come with a money back guarantee?


Penny Auction Bot comes with a 30 day risk-free no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, simply create a ticket at our support desk, and we will be happy to refund you your money regardless of whether you have used the software or not.

What is the difference between the 3 license options?

Here’s what the 3 different license options will get you:

  • Regular License: The regular license is all you need to start sniping at your favorite penny auction websites. It comes will full support for all the websites listed on our Supported Websites page, and consists of all the features mentioned on our Features page. By using this license option, you get to install Penny Auction Bot on a single computer and your license is valid for life. You also get 1 years’ worth of updates included with your purchase along with Normal Support at our Support Desk.
  • Unique Website License: A unique website license is recommended for those bidders you want to do a little more with the software. This license option includes all the features and websites of the regular license, and allows you to have a unique website in the software which only you will be able to use. In other words, once we write the code for your selected website, we will send you a customized version of PAB that we will not sell or share with any of our other users. You will be the only one who will have access to that website. Just like the regular license, this license is also valid for life and comes with free updates for 1 year. However, it allows you to install the software on up to 3 computers of your choice and comes with Priority Customer Support.
  • Resale Rights License: This license includes all the features of the regular license, with the only difference being that instead of giving you access to all websites, it allows you to select a website of your choice that you want us to add to your software, so that you can then sell that software to anyone. In other words, if you decide to go with this license, we will code a custom software application for you with a website of your choice along with your company’s branding, and you will then have resale rights to your software and can do as you wish with it. We won’t ever share or sell your version of the software with anyone, and you will have full rights to it. And just like the other 2 licenses, your license will be valid for life, and you will get 1 years’ worth of updates absolutely free with your purchase. Not only this, but you will also be able to install the license on any number of computers, and you will get Priority Customer Support from us in case you have any issues or trouble with the software.

For a side-by-side comparison between the 3 different license options, check out our Download page.

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