Extremely Fast. Highly Intelligent. Completely Undetectable.

100% Automatic Bidding

Penny Auction Bot works just like a wizard and allows you to fully automate your bidding and tracking activity at any of the supported penny auction websites. To start bidding in an auction, all you need to do is enter your initial bidding and monitoring settings, and then click on the Run button – no further human intervention needed!

Auction Monitoring & History

Gives you an unfair advantage over your competition by allowing you to monitor any auction at any time, even if you’re not taking part in it, by keeping track of all bidding data such as total bids placed by users, bidding times, actual time of bids, bidding price, etc. and allowing you to save a detailed auction report on your computer.


Saves you money and bids by protecting you from friends and foes by letting you import blacklist files with lists of usernames of bidders you do not wish to bid against. If a blacklisted bidder shows up in the auction at any time, PAB automatically stops placing bids for you until that bidder is no longer taking part in the auction again.

Advanced Bidding Rules

Allows you to fully customize your bidding strategy by letting you specify advanced bidding rules such as fixed/random bidding times, price limits, custom time delays, bidding caps, etc. Also consists of intelligent features such as internet latency calculation, anti-idle system, and automatic error handling which help you stay focused on the important parts of the bidding process.

Completely Undetectable

PAB is programmed in such a way that it cannot be detected as a bot by any penny auction website. Not only does it use a real web browser to place your bids for you, but it also consists of some very smart features such as real mouse click simulations, real user agents, etc., which means that it is completely invisible and places your bids just like a real human being.

User-Friendly Interface

Comes with a super easy to use user interface panel that does not require any explaining at all, whatsoever. If, however, you still find yourself in need of help, Penny Auction Bot also comes with a complete user-manual which explains all the features and settings in details, along with full product help/support through our Online Customer Support Desk system.

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More Features

It doesn’t end here! Penny Auction can do so much more for you…

Real-time Bidding

Comes with a complete web browser and allows you to watch the entire action while it’s taking place – making the bidding and tracking process as transparent as it could be.

Bidding Time Randomization

Lets you randomize your bidding time by allowing you to choose a bidding time range in which you wish to place your bids.

Custom Time Delays

Offers full support for websites with advanced/complicated timers and lets you place a bid even when a few milliseconds are left, by allowing you to add custom time delays before bid placement.

Custom Price Limits

Allows you to bid according to your bidding strategy by letting you specify a custom price range during which you wish to place your bids.

Bidding Caps

Does NOT ever go beyond your bidding budget by letting you specify the maximum number of bids you wish to spend in an auction.

Advanced Reporting

Tracks all data in the auction and lets you save detailed reports on your computer in the form of HTML (web pages) or CSV (Excel) files.

Competition Analysis

Analyzes the competition while monitoring an auction and tells you how competitive the auction is throughout the bidding/monitoring process, thus allowing you to choose/modify your bidding strategy accordingly.

Bidder Activity Tracking

Tracks the total bidders and currently active bidders participating in the auction, and helps you save a lot of money in terms of bids by letting you specify the maximum number of active bidders you wish to bid against at any given time.

Multiple Auction Support

Offers the ability to take part in multiple auctions at the same time by letting you start new instances for each auction you decide to participate in.

Test Mode

Allows you to safely test your bidding criteria and strategy by letting you run the software under test conditions in which no actual bids are placed on the website.

Internet Latency Calculation

Calculates your internet latency using an advanced algorithm that lets you bid safely by automatically taking into consideration the time it takes your bid to register on the website’s server.

Advanced Notifications

Supports the ability to configure/set up email and sound notifications based on different events in the auction.

Real Mouse Click Simulations

Replicates human-like behavior by using real mouse click simulations instead of computer-generated clicks, making you completely undetectable on the website.

Anti-Idle System

Consists of an advanced anti-idle system that automatically handles all idle prompts on the website and avoids you from being redirected to another page.

Multi-Core Optimized

Designed to be multi-threaded, which means that it is fully compatible with multi-core computers and performs all actions/tasks in real time without any lag.

Automatic Error Handling

Uses highly advanced algorithms to handle most common website errors automatically so as to ensure that nothing interferes with your bidding when PAB is running.

Multi-Monitor Support

Fully supports computers with multiple display monitors, thus giving you the ability to have the bidding program open on 1 monitor and the auction tracker open on another.

Smart Settings

Automatically loads your last used settings at startup, and allows you to import/export settings based on your website or bidding strategy.

Detailed Logging

Records everything done by the application and saves the data temporarily on your computer so that it becomes easier to talk about the problem in case you need any technical support.

Winning Strategy Guide

Comes with a detailed user manual along with a complete Penny Auction Winning Strategy Guide that will teach you various tips, hints, and strategies to boost your success in penny auctions.

Automatic Updates

Notifies you automatically whenever a new update for the application is released, and then updates the application after taking permission from you.

Try PAB today and see how it gives you an edge over your competition!

Don’t worry, we offer a 30 day risk-free no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee on your purchase, so if you are not satisfied with the software in any way, simply create a ticket at our Support Desk and we’ll offer you a full refund.

Supported Websites

Penny Auction Bot is fully compatible with the following websites:

Website Name Website Name
100DollarDreams 1cent
25satang 5CentsBid
ABCpennyauctions Abidaway
AlfaLeiloes ALittleBid
Amplibuys Auctions24seven
Baffol Bamdizzle
BargainsAndFun Bee-Lucky
Beezid Bid Bandit
Bid2Bag BidAndBuy
Bidazzled BidBid
BidBlink BidBuyIt
BidCactus Bidcentsible
BidClickr Biddango
BidderSpot Biddi
Bidding4Cars Biddor
Bidfa BidFather
Bidfella BidFight
BidFire BidFireWorks
BidForaCure BidForMoney
BidFrenzy BidGunner
BidHere Bidjam
BidJx BidKing
BidKong Bidlew
BidMacs BidMonk
BidMutt BidMyDreams
BidNox BidnTime
Bidoction BidonCash
BidPigs BidPunk
BidRaptor BidRilla
BidRivals BidRodeo
Bids4Cheap Bidsadieu
BidSauce BidSaver
BidSonic BidStick
BidSwap BidTic
BidTime25 BidTimeLive
Bidtoplay BidTrotter
BidWat BidWinFlip
BidZilla BigBangBids
BigDaddyBid BigDeal
BiggestPennyAuction Bigggle
BisManBidder BittyBidz
Blittzit Blittzpenny
Bonus Boombidz
Bowhip BuckBidz
BumbleBBids BunPig
Buy1Get1GiftCards Buzzerbids
BzzyBids CentMonkey
Centwar CheapBids
CheapOBid ChooChooKazoo
ClickShow CommodityAuction
Complooter Countdown
CpPilotAuctions DealDash
Dibzees Dime-Divas
DWFBid eGunner
EuNoLance Famdabidosy
Feel the Bid Fezaz
Flutteroo FlyingHighAuctions
FooFaRa For10Cents
Froggybids Ganeselo
Gankit GiftCardsforPennies
GoBid GongBid
GottaNabit GrabaBid
Grabaroo GreenFair
GunVegas HappyBidDay
HappyBidder Hasteno
HungryHammer IBid2Save
iBids iPennybid
iTicketBid JackinaBid
Jeeler Jojolie
JolliDeal JungleCents
JustCents KnockOutBid
KooDeal Leilao24h
LeilaoUmCentavo LeilaoVip
LevaFacil LibertyBids
LincolnBidz LittleBids
Lucky Chic LuckyBossBids
LuckyPrice MadBids
Maxloren MidPenny
Moloyo Mukirana
MummyPenny Muulu/Vuulu
MyEZBids NailBidder
NitroHawk OffAndAway
oohilove OutlawBidder
Paisabids ParadisePennyAuction
Pardoo Pennies2Win
Penny Purses PennyBankAuctions
PennyBender PennyBiddr
PennyBidWars PennyBidz
PennyFragrances PennyLord
PennyPurses PennySlam
PennySold PennyTarget
PennyTickBids PennyWarriors
PickleBid Pinkowls
PisoBid PlanetBid
Plundr PollyWantaPenny
PoorDaddyPennyAuction Pposh
Premio Efectivo Prestigebids
PriceDrip ProductVeilingen
QuiBids Quick2Bid
QuickDrawBids RagingBid
Redbid RedBread
ReetBid RockDawg
RockyBid Roozos
SavvyBidding Schnappu
ScoreLuxe ShopBig
SilverBid SimpleBids
SimplyBids SingaporeBids
SitNBid SkoreIt
SkoreIt! SlamPenny
SmartBid SnagBidder
Snaglo Snoozem
SoloClics Space Antiques
Spoow StickyBid
SwipeBids Swoopo
TdBids TenPence
TheAuctionSquirrel theBidGuru
TheCheapBid theOutbidders
ThorBids TidBidz
VacationsforPennies Vamooza
VeilingWeb Vuulu
Wavee Winkaro
Winkbid WormDeals
XBids Yellman
Yottabid YouBid4it
YourPennyWins Yuzzit
ZaneyBids Zbiddy
Zeekler Ziinga
ZipaBid ZoogBoo
Zoozle ZorBids

Don’t see your favorite website listed above?

Simply purchase the software and create a ticket at our Support Desk, and we’ll add the website within 5 business days.

Guaranteed! Or you get your money back!