Terms and Conditions

Requirements for Our Community

Penny Auction Bot and PennyAuctionBot.com gives a service that is pertinent to this notice, requirements, and agreements.  Additionally, the use of Penny Auction Bot will require it’s adherence to any pertinent policies (or similar requirements or agreements) that apply to the use of Penny Auction Bot.  We may change these document(s) at any time.  By using Penny Auction Bot you imply that you agree to such document(s).


Intellectual Property Rights

Everything in Penny Auction Bot and PennyAuctionBot.com such as graphics, code, or otherwise is protected by copyright and is copyrighted by us.  This means that all content both in Penny Auction Bot and on its website, PennyAuctionBot.com, is copyrighted by us.  As Penny Auction Bot is an electronic program that is for sale, the replication or modification of Penny Auction Bot is not allowed, unless otherwise specified above.

Your Usage of PennyAuctionBot.com

You may not copy any part of PennyAuctionBot.com or otherwise use it for your own commercial or non-profit purposes.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and block anyone from PennyAuctionBot.com or from using Penny Auction Bot at our sole discretion regardless of whether they have received a refund or not.

Copyright Notices

We follow copyright law and are aware of the intellectual property rights of other users on the Internet.  If you feel as if your intellectual property has been used and thus copyright violation has happened to you, please adhere to the appropriate proceedings.

Penny Auction Bot’s Responsibility of Service to You

We do not promise that Penny Auction Bot will perform as you expect, bid on the proper auction, or at the right time.  We work very hard to ensure the reliability of Penny Auction Bot but absolutely no guarantees are made.  There are multiple reasons that could prevent Penny Auction Bot from performing as you expect.  We are not liable for any losses that may occur due to Penny Auction Bot making a mistake or otherwise.

Law in Your Region

PennyAuctionBot.com is administered by Penny Auction Bot from the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India.  Because of this, the regulations of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India shall control these documents(s) and / or disclaimers, regardless of conflict of regulation or law in other regions of the world or country.

Disallowed Use and Illegal Use

As a condition of our service and our related Internet websites, you promise us that you will not use our software to do anything illegal or that is otherwise disallowed in these documents.

Components That You Allow to Us

We do NOT demand or imply that we own information that you supply to Penny Auction Bot such as account data or other information.  This information is private and is yours.  By providing Penny Auction Bot with information that it requires to properly operate, you give Penny Auction Bot permission to use such information in communication with the chosen website.  You also grant Penny Auction Bot permission to copy and reproduce such information with or without your name.  Penny Auction Bot does not pay you or otherwise compensate you for the use of the information that you supply Penny Auction Bot with.  When you supply Penny Auction Bot with information, you imply that you own such information and have the rights to distribute it.

Downloads available on PennyAuctionBot.com

PennyAuctionBot.com has software that you may download.  This software is the intellectual property of PennyAuctionBot.com and / or its affiliates, and your use of such software is controlled by these applicable document(s).  You are prohibited from using Penny Auction Bot unless you agree to these document(s).  By using Penny Auction Bot, you know that this software is applicable to the export control rules and regulation of the country of India without regard to conflicting laws in other countries.  You agree to not re-produce or re-export Penny Auction Bot, whether on purpose of by accident, to any parts of the world that may be prohibited to receive exports from the country of India.


We reserve the right to stop one or all of our discounts at any date.  The terms and conditions of discounts on Penny Auction Bot may be changed at any time with or without your notification.