Privacy Policy

How We Protect your Privacy

This document outlines how we gather, use, and protect information that you provide us with on  By loading our website, intentionally or accidentally, you accept the terms outlined in this privacy policy document.  You accept our right to collect and use information that you provide us with as outlined in this document.


We do not intentionally sell our products or services to children.  If you are a minor (under 18) then you are required to ask the permission of a parent or guardian before you use our website, Penny Auction Bot, or purchase our software.

Our Privacy Policy is Part of our Terms and Conditions of Use

This privacy policy is adherent (and subject to) our terms and conditions of use, which are available on

Types of Information Which We Collect from You

Just like most websites, even loading provides us with certain information about you, including but not limited to your IP address, when you loaded, the referring website, the website that you visit after leaving our website, the web browser that you use(d) to load, and your computer’s operating system.  We automatically record this information about you and will take reasonable security measures to protect it. may use cookies.  This simply means information that’s server transfers to your computer.  We may use this information to monitor your usage of  We may also use this information (cookies) to change our website’s content to suit you in the way that we best see fit.  On most Internet Browsers, you may choose to reject our attempt(s) to implement such cookies if you wish.

Information exchange between you and may include information such as your credit or debit card details, checks or any other possible online payment service.  We collect such information as it is necessary to do business with you, and this information may also include, but is not limited to, your billing and / or home address, personal, business or mobile telephone number, or other information regarding transaction(s) between you and our website.

How We Treat Your Information

We require your information in order to manage our website’s affairs with our clients.  For instance, the information that we collect from you may be used to contact you regarding updates to this legal agreement (or other updates on, products that have become available, discounts, legal / technical problems, and more.

In general this information will not be shared with anyone other than and its staff; but some exemptions apply that will be detailed in the writing below.

At Penny Auction Bot’s own choosing, we may give your details to law enforcement agencies or other officials when we need to collect theft data, supposed copyright violation, or anything else that could be considered illegal that may put us in a position of legal mishap.

Occasionally, Penny Auction Bot may use outside suppliers to supply services on  If a third party wishes to know your personal details, you will be alerted; remember, that you will never be forced to hand over your personal details to an outside party, except for in cases of legal activity.  We limit the way that outside suppliers can use your personal details.  At no point will they be permitted to distribute your personal details to others than themselves.

Account Details, Passwords, and User Names

Access to parts of may require you to use a username and password that you created at an earlier point in time.  Logically, don’t share your password.  After logging in to a section of, make sure to log out of the webpage before you leave your computer (or similar device).  Also, fully quit the web browser that you were using and then re-launch it before loading other websites or areas on the Internet.

Your Informational Use and Unsolicited Junk E-Mail

You may somehow obtain information about another user of that may be used to identify them.  In this case, you are prohibited to let anyone else know this information without both the knowledge and willing agreement of the user, and our permission and agreement too.

We hate SPAM (Junk E-mail) almost as much as you do.  Any details that you gather from about either our staff or other clients may not be used under any circumstances to distribute junk or otherwise unsolicited e-mail either via our website, forums or other means of information transfer.

Your Willing Submission of Data to Outside Groups Who Are Not Suppliers of or Its Affiliates

When you decide to submit personal details to our other customers or other outside parties on our website who are not our affiliates or suppliers, remember to be careful when making such a decision.  This legal document does not necessarily outline the privacy policies of these groups, and we advise that you check their privacy policy before giving them such details.

Auto Responses may use automatic responses to chat with you via e-mail or otherwise.  In an effort to maintain your privacy, a system is used for such communications where you willingly choose to participate in it.  You may opt out of such a service should you wish by clicking on the URL(s) provided in the e-mail.  If you face any trouble when attempting to opt-out, please contact us at

Changes to This Document (Policy)

The conditions outlined here may vary depending on the date.  When and if a change occurs, a notification will appear on alerting you that this document has changed.  If you are dissatisfied with the update that has occurred, then contact and updates to this document shall not apply to data that we have gathered from you before making the updates to this document.

Should you be worried about the information outlined in this policy document, carefully review it prior to using  Concerns about this document should be directed to  Please give us as many details relating to your concern as you can so that we may assist you in the most efficient and effective way.